Welcome to VallerHQ

VallerHQ is a new Minecraft Network, with an amazing community!


Our Administration is dedicated and passionate to make this server work - they
 put in countless hours daily to complete tasks in order to stay in the planned schedule.

FAQ - Where does the money go?

Great question, and I am happy to answer.
Firstly, running a Minecraft server is not free. Our priority is to keep the server online!
We also pay for this Store, and our Website, which increases costs.
Moreover, some plugins in-game are custom or premium, to enhance the experience.
In the future, we hope to spend some money on advertising also, so we can grow.

All donations are directly fed back into the server, to allow us to get better!

PayPal fees will apply to the total basket value.

** If you would like to upgrade to a higher Donor rank,

please contact the Owner who can arrange this for you.

For more information, contact the Owner through:

Discord: SrAdministrator#1096

1x x3 Valler Keys

1x King

1x Permanent Effects

1x [★★★]